Solar Water Pumping

In 2017 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) was able to put in a hand dug well, pump and pipe line to the farm. This well has been a great blessing to help with our water needs on the farm, both for domestic needs and also for building needs. Additionally it supplies water to the village secondary school.

However, there are two things causing pumping costs to be high: 1) the price of electricity and 2) the unreliability of electricity causing KT to run an expensive generator. KT would like to pump domestic water with solar and eliminate both problems.

Total estimated cost to install solar to pump domestic water $7,840 USD.

Download KT Proposal-Solar Pumping.PDF.

To designate your gift via Grace Bible Church (GBC), our USA Fiscal Partner, select Fund Kilimo Timilifu and add Solar Pumping to the comment.

To designate your gift via Millennium Relief and Development Service (MRDS) Canada, our Canadian Fiscal Partner, enter project designation KTTanzania.001-Solar Pumping

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