Staff Homes

Since 2015 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) Admin and Supervisory Staff have been living in rented village homes. These homes have costly upkeeps and rising rent prices. Money could be saved in the long run if KT could build houses for its staff on KT property.

KT is finishing up the interior paining on our first staff home. We would like to build a second one within the 2021 year. Cost per home is about $27,000 USD.  Our total need is for 5 homes, but in 2021 we would like to build at least one more.

Target fund raising need $27,000 USD for one house.

To designate your gift via Grace Bible Church (GBC), our USA Fiscal Partner, select Fund Kilimo Timilifu and add Staff House to the comment.

To designate your gift via Millennium Relief and Development Service (MRDS) Canada, our Canadian Fiscal Partner, enter project designation KTTanzania.001-Staff House

If you want a tax deductible receipt from another country please contact us for options

Your support is empowering Tanzanians to lift themselves out of poverty.