Who we are


TIM TANNER, Chief Executive Officer 

Tim has a degree in Computer Science, and certificates in Conservation Agriculture and Appropriate Technologies.  Tim was born in and grew up in Tanzania and has worked as a volunteer in East Africa for 25+ years in various capacities.  

MWASSA JINIGI, Director of Operations

Mwassa is a retired lawyer and author. Former Director of WAPO Radio FM and independent journalist for The Citizen news paper of Tanzania. He is also a partner to Disciple Nations Alliance, and the Director of “National Integrity for Advancement” (NGO).

JOEL PHILEMON, Property Management Supervisor and Procurement Officer

Joel has his technical training from VETA.  He takes care of property maintenance, managing labor contracts and human relations, procuring supplies, and project supervision. 

ERNESTI NDOSI, Property Development  Manager

Ernesti has lots of practical experiences from his previous job at TSI Inc. He leads KT’s work crew and manages building projects and project developments for KT.  

JUSTINA EZEKIEL, Farm Supervisor

Justina manages the day labors on the KT farm. She is a certified Nile Development & Services Co Ltd Trainee.

ROBERT PATRICK, Agribusiness Supervisor

Robert has a 3 year diploma in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from Ilemi Polytechnic College in Tukuyu, Tanzania.  He is currently helping KT develop our sunflower processing industry, hatchery and slaughterhouse operations.


Geofrey has a bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance.  He keeps KT’s finances in order.

AMANI SHANGO , Office & Education Supervisor

Amani has his teaching certification from Ebonite Teacher’s Training College in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  His job is three fold 1) Office Manager, 2) Intern Trainer and 3) to supplement the local school education of our intern children and to teach their parents how to do the same when they locate elsewhere.