Current Projects

Internship Program

Kilimo Timilifu (KT) just graduated the second set of intern families that were here this past year.  We were able to improve our program some for the second year.  We are looking forward to making more improvements to our program this third year as we also start to normalize some things. The program follows the … Continue reading Internship Program

Oil Milling Capacity Building

As a non-profit business, we are working toward covering all of the overhead costs of our Internship and Agricultural Extension programs through our agribusinesses.  The oil mill is one of our promising income sources.  We are excited to be in our very second season of this business, as we work toward partnering with local farmers … Continue reading Oil Milling Capacity Building

Solar Water Pumping

In 2017 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) was able to put in a hand dug well, pump and pipe line to the farm. This well has been a great blessing to help with our water needs on the farm, both for domestic needs and also for building needs. Additionally it supplies water to the village secondary school. … Continue reading Solar Water Pumping

Staff Homes

Since 2015 Kilimo Timilifu (KT) Admin and Supervisory Staff have been living in rented village homes. These homes have costly upkeeps and rising rent prices. Money could be saved in the long run if KT could build houses for its staff on KT property. KT is finishing up the interior paining on our first staff … Continue reading Staff Homes