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Africa Inland Mission’s (AIM) European office is receipting donations for Kilimo Timilifu.  AIM’s Project name for KT is “Conservation Ag Trng TAN-161” and Project number is “ER-TAN-161-U”.

Standing Order

If you wish to make regular gifts – monthly, quarterly or annually – you can do so by standing order. This method of giving significantly reduces the administration needed to transfer the money through AIM channels to Kilimo Timilifu. Unfortunately, we cannot accept gifts by Direct Debit.

If you want to set up a Standing Order through your on-line banking, you can Download a Standing Order form here.

Otherwise you can contact AIM at this link for further assistance.

Cheques and Charity Vouchers

You can make one-off gifts or regular payments to AIM for KT by cheque. Please make cheques payable to “AIM International” and enclose a note giving your name and address and stating that the money is intended for “AIM-Project:Conservation Ag Trng ER-TAN-161-U”.

If you have an account with CAF, Stewardship Services, Sovereign Giving, or the like, you can make payments to AIM for KT through your account by voucher or standing instruction.

Please send cheques to AIM International, Halifax Place
Nottingham NG1 1QN, United Kingdom