Internship Program

Kilimo Timilifu’s Agricultural internship program is a muiti-faceted one year training program. The program is for Tanzanians not from the area, who want on the job training in how to be self-sustaining using agriculture. Training consists of Conservation Agriculture (CA), Appropriate Technology, Farming Cooperatives, Biblical principles of life and cross cultural training skills, entrepreneur training in things like sewing, soap making, batik making and other valuable small scale businesses. Additionally, KT trains these Tanzanian families in “homeschooling” skills so they can supplement their children’s local school education in order to assure they receive a quality education wherever they live. KT interns live in the surrounding community and apply immediately what they are learning.

At the beginning of each KT internship the intern is given a house to use in the local community, a small startup loan to meet their daily needs, a plot of land for dry land farming, a chicken coop with 300+ chicks, and a vegetable plot that can be irrigated with simple means from KT’s reservoir. By the end of the program the intern will have paid back the startup loan, housing costs and farm inputs from income from his three agribusinesses, plus have savings for startup again on his/her own.

Graduated interns are awarded a certificate in Conservation Agriculture (CA) and are empowered to take this training with them where ever they live, either back home or else where. They take farming knowledge and marketing strategies with them. They can now share these tools to help their neighbors to help elevate them out of extreme poverty.