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Second Rented Renovated Staff House

Larsen House 
We have just completed renovations on our second Admin home.  This house is rented from a local and renovated by KT for our Farm Manager family.  We have also rented and are in the process of renovating a third Admin house.  Additionally we have rented and renovated 2 Staff homes.  (See the map below for renovated Admin and Staff house locations.)

Well & Water on the Farm Property

Hydrology-Well Site
We have completed a hydrology survey report and have located a site for our deep well. We are hoping to have the well drilled soon.  The well water will be used for the permanent properties yet to be built on the farm land, as well as drip irrigation and to share with the village residents on the hill where water is not available. (See map below for well location.)

Mini Agriculture Seminars

KT has been working with the Local Agricultural Officer and holding small seminars in village sections one at a time, introducing Conservation Agriculture. This has been a very good way for KT to be introduced to the local farmers and share how KT and the local farmers can work together to improve crop yields and crop marketing. Farmers are becoming excited about the real possibilities of partnering with KT for development in their villages. There have been a number of organizations that have tried to help in the area of Agricultural development. But none have left any lasting impact. KT is the first to actually move in, live with and work with the local people depending on agribusiness for its own survival.

Seed Bank & Warehouse

We have nearly completed the excavation (by hand) for our under ground seed bank.  By building the seed bank underground we can keep valuable seeds at a moderately cool temperature without the need of refrigeration.  It is our goal to make high quality seed available for our own farming as well as local farmers.  On top of the seed bank we will build a small warehouse to store cooperative harvests.  (See map below for seed bank location.)

Agribusiness Surveys

KT’s Market Research Coordinator has been busy researching possible business endeavors for KT to begin with. KT is researching what things we can do that will not only generate income for KT, but also help the lives of the local villagers.

First Intern housing plot purchased

Intern Plot-Building01 
We have purchased a plot of land in the village of Mchinga Mbili where we will build an intern duplex.  We have already cleared the plot, put in a hand dug surface well on the property and have made all the interlocking stabilized earth bricks for the construction of the intern duplex house.  The CEO family will live in the house initially. After permanent staff housing is built on the farm property, this house will become a duplex for KT interns.  (See map below for intern plot location.)

Map of how KT is growing & developing

KT Map
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