Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business consists of developing our own business as an ethical middle man, providing value addition and cooperated marketing strategies for all farmers, and helping our local farmers think of their own farms as a family businesses and run them as such. We strategize with them in what can grow on their land, what needs they have in the family and how these can be met with the land using conservation agriculture practices.

Our businesses are geared to work in partnership with the local communities.

Oil Milling:  Farmers grow sunflower, which is much more drought resistant then traditional crops and then bring it for processing at KT.  They can choose to just press the oil and sell both seed cake and oil them selves or press the oil to take with them leaving the seed cake behind, or sell the seed as is to KT and KT will process and market.

Chicken Meat growing: KT raises chicks to sell to local growers in the community.  They can buy one day old (which still need to be in the brooder), or 2 weeks old (out of the brooder) or 4 week old which are very low risk as they have had all their vaccines and can run around safely with other local chickens.  Once the chickens are butchering weight then can sell of their own, or bring them for guaranteed sale to KT.

In 2020 (funding permitting) we plan to build a feed mill.  This will open new cash markets for local crops which are needed for the feeds.  This will also reduce the cost of feed to the local farmer.  Win! Win!

It is our hope that the income from these businesses will one day sustain the variety of charitable community works we do in the surrounding local communities.