2017 In Review…

Many things have been happening here at KT.  Although this post was meant to be written in December, here it is now: 2017 in Review.

January 2017

With the foundation of the warehouse/office building almost finished, our work crew continued to work on the building.

After meeting with village leaders, we relinquished some disputed land and acquired some to replace it.  Our boundary lines subsequently changed shape slightly.

On the farm, we planted sunflower to provide us with seed to sell in the following year.

February 2017

With the help of our short-term Volunteer, Don, our work crew finished the foundation slab for the warehouse and office.

Justina was hired as a farm supervisor.  Amani came on staff as the future educator of intern children, and began filling in as office manager.

A generous donation allowed us to buy KT’s first vehicle, a suzuki carry.

March 2017

After input from the village, we began building a road to our warehouse/office site.

Robert was hired as an additional farm supervisor and began preparing for the future sunflower business and extension program.

April 2017

On the farm we were busy planting cover crops for the dry season.

The building crew continued to work on the warehouse/office building.

May 2017

Our entire staff took a weekend off for retreat and team building.

June 2017

Geofrey joined our team as accountant, and immediately began the job of getting books and finances in order.

Our sunflower crop was harvested and seed was stored for next year’s plantings.

July 2017

We hosted a short-term team from GoMAD.  They came to begin work on 2 15,000L  rain tanks next to the warehouse/office building.

August 2017

GoMAD sent their second short term team who completed the water tanks

Our warehouse/office building was roofed.

Tim Watkins, from ECHO, spent two weeks with us helping to develop a complete agro-forestry farm plan.

Robert went on a tour with the Agha Khan Organization in Lindi to get an overview of the Tanzaninan Sunflower Industry.

September 2017

Work continued on the warehouse/office building.  For the first time ever, we were able to lock it!

October 2017

We hosted a ‘Theology of Agriculture’ seminar led by Bret Harrison for our KT staff and some local pastors and evangelists.

We began building a reservoir on our land.

We started a nursery for our tree planting program.

The second floor was put in in the warehouse, and stairs were built to access it.

November 2017

Stage one of the reservoir was completed.

While the heavy machinery was on site for the reservoir building, we had a new south service road built to the KT property, which also opened up some land for village expansion.

Matei was sent to Iringa for a bee-keeper training.

December 2017

With the coming of the rains, our reservoir began to fill up.

We neared completion on the well water pumping project which will not only provide water to KT’s land, but also to the local secondary school that sits just below us on the hill.

We began planting 5,000 agro-forestry, multi-purpose, and fruit trees on KT land.

We celebrated Christmas with KT staff and family members with a pilau meal and film showing.  It turns out that the second floor of our warehouse makes an excellent movie theater!