KT Sending Food for Lindi Region flood victims

While normally our practice is the promote poverty reduction through conservation agriculture, sometimes you just have to help no mater what. KT is committed to helping the Lindi Region flood victims. On 2-Feb we had the privilege of helping out with food.

Now we want to help with seeds for these farmers who need to start over planting their fields. Consider helping us do this on a larger scale.


KT’s Maize (Corn) fields

This year 2020, KT is having some real success with our Maize (corn) fields. Our soil restoration methods are proving very successful. Remember, we are in poor soil suitability and the lowest coastal rainfall area. But the blessings of hard work are paying off and we get the share all these locally sustainable methods to the local farms.

Lindi Regional Commissioner Visit

On 15-July-2019 KT had the privilege of hosting his Honorable, the Regional Commissioner of Lindi along with all his delegates and many other regional officers.

As a parting gift, KT gave a 5-liter jug of pure sunflower oil a couple fat rooster and lots of fresh vegetables to the Commissioner. He loved his visit and said he would like to bring the prime minister to visit one day. We look forward to that very much.

Lindi District Commissioner Visit

Today we had the great privilege of giving a tour of KT to the Lindi District Commissioner. With his delegates, including Mashujaa TV and iTV, he stopped by and KT had the privilege of sharing with him all we are doing to alleviate poverty and even some time to actually show him around our property.

As a parting gift, KT gave a 5-liter jug of pure sunflower oil and a fat rooster to the Commissioner. We look forward to his next visit, which he promised would be soon.