January 2016

Rainy Season / Planting time.

KT 1'st planting 
We have prepared quite a few acres for planing.  Our goal in this first planting season is restorative crops.  We have already planted Pidgin pea, which will provide a good tap root in the ground to break up hard pan layers and fix nitrogen.  These same roots next year will rot and provide a significant increase in saturation of the soil and moisture retention.  We are also working on planting Macuan bean, Jack bean and lab-lab bean as well.  These are good nitrogen fixers as well as biomass producers.  (See the map below for Main Farm land location.)

Intern Duplex

We are going up on the first Inter Duplex.  This duplex will first be lived in by the CEO and his family.  After further property developments on the KT Farm land, this house will be divided into a duplex and will house interns for the internship program. (See the map below for Intern Duplex location.)

Well & Water on the Farm Property

KT Well  KT 1st Well 
The first well has been completed.  Unfortunately we did not hit as much water as the hydrology survey report had seemed to indicate.  We have now cleared a road and the drilling site for a second surveyed well location.  Soon we will call the drillers to come and drill this second well.  It is our hope and prayer that between the two wells we will have enough water to fulled develop our water system including the permanent properties yet to be built on the farm land, as well as drip irrigation and to share with the village residents, both on the hill where water is not available and in the valley where only brackish water is available. (See map below for well locations.)

Seed Bank & Warehouse

Seed Bank Hole Done
We have completed the excavation (by hand) for our under ground seed bank.  By building the seed bank underground we can keep valuable seeds at a moderately cool temperature without the need of refrigeration.  It is our goal to make high quality seed available for our own farming as well as local farmers.  On top of the seed bank we will build a small warehouse to store cooperative harvests.  (See map below for seed bank location.)

Agribusiness Research & Surveys

KT’s Market Research Coordinator continues to research possible markets for KT.  We are researching what things we can do that will not only generate income for KT, but also help the lives of the local villagers.  In addition we have been researching local (Tanzanian) sources of the different crops we hope to start with.


We have started to gather beekeeping items.  Honey  is a valuable crop and when you put the hives in your garden you can increase yields significantly on many selected crops. KT will start beekeeping around May this year.

New Staff Housing and storage construction

We are working on the finishing touches of our Storage & Staff Housing building.  This building it already in 80% use and has been a huge help to our other developments.  Due to the urgency of this need, we used a wire mesh/ferrous cement construction.  However, the end result is a strong permanent building at very reasonable cost.  The Staff unit has three bedrooms.  After other developments are complete, this storage room will eventually become a Farm Supply store.  This will help local farmers have access to much needed supplies as well as providing an income for KT in the future. (See map below for Staff Housing and storeroom location.)

Demonstration Plot

 Demo Plot 02

The demonstration plot is now in full service.  The fence keeps the goats and cows out.  Mulching keeps the moisture in. This plot is ideally located half way between the village (North to South) and on the main path headed up the hill to the west where every one in the village has farm land, including KT.  This location will be very visible to all residents of Mchinga Mbili village.  We will have more demonstrations on our main farm land up the hill to the west, but this plot we hope will catch everyone’s eye initially.