Lindi Regional Commissioner Visit

On 15-July-2019 KT had the privilege of hosting his Honorable, the Regional Commissioner of Lindi along with all his delegates and many other regional officers.

As a parting gift, KT gave a 5-liter jug of pure sunflower oil a couple fat rooster and lots of fresh vegetables to the Commissioner. He loved his visit and said he would like to bring the prime minister to visit one day. We look forward to that very much.

Lindi District Commissioner Visit

Today we had the great privilege of giving a tour of KT to the Lindi District Commissioner. With his delegates, including Mashujaa TV and iTV, he stopped by and KT had the privilege of sharing with him all we are doing to alleviate poverty and even some time to actually show him around our property.

As a parting gift, KT gave a 5-liter jug of pure sunflower oil and a fat rooster to the Commissioner. We look forward to his next visit, which he promised would be soon.

Sunflower Oil Mill

KT’s oil mill is all ready logistically. We have started processing local customers’ seed for their own use, but selling oil under our own label is still waiting for the Tanzania Bureau of Standards and Tanzania Food & Drug Association to give their final go-ahead.

Today we had the privilege of the District Commissioner for Lindi coming to take a tour of KT (above right in the white hardhat).

We still need startup capital to purchase seed from local farmers. Please consider giving a gift for our sunflower startup capital. This gift will keep on giving as income generated this year will allow us to purchase seed again next year. The more startup capital we have the more poor farmers we will help this year and every year after.

Chickens for Villages

KT is raising chickens, an improved local variety called Kroiler (and NOT to be confused with broiler). We had about 2000 chickens but are now thinning out the roster of the first two batches. We plan to raise the rest of the hens and a few roosters for parent stock. By October we will start breeding and hopefully by November have our first new generation of KT birds.

The goal is to breed chicks and then supply chicks, feed, vaccines and medications as necessary and whatever else is needed for the local villages to be able to be growers. They grow the chickens to full weight and then bring them back to KT for sale. KT slaughters, packages, freezes and markets. A win-win for everyone involved.

Consider supporting our sustainable chicken project until it is sustainable in about one more year.

Mchinga Secondary School Graduation

KT was given the privilege of being the guest of honor at the local village secondary school. This school has about 450 students. The school property borders KT’s farm. We have had the privilege of hosting each of the secondary school classes on our farm as part of our agricultural extension program. This is also the school for which KT is supplying water for all the teachers’ homes and all the lavatories on the school property.

Mwassa Jingi, KT’s Operations Manager and Company Secretary, was the main speaker, challenging the graduating class not to stop their education at this point but to always keep learning in whatever capacity available.

Chicken coop #1 almost done!

KT is nearly finished with the first chicken coop. This coop will be able to raise nearly 2,000 chickens at a time. We are intending to start with a broiler variety that is a crossbreed between traditional broilers and local African varieties that are much stronger. Eventually we expect to raise layers also. Our long-term goal is actually to become a breeder and have our interns and local farmers be the growers. But this chicken coop is the starting point. We are researching all the ins and outs of the laws here in Tanzania to make sure we have everything in order so we can start as soon as possible with this operation.